Monday, 11 January 2010

Florence and Pearl Jewellery

I got them, thank you Gabs!

Lovingly named after her grandmother and great aunt, designer and student Gabby Edlin began creating her own line of jewellery through her desire for cool accessories without having to resort to Urban Outfitters or Topshop! As a creative individual, Gabby began by making pieces just for herself, but very quickly friends started asking if they could buy her designs. Described as kitsch, pretty, eclectic and often rather tongue in cheek, Florence and Pearl is the latest jewellery range that every girl should have a piece of. Gabby's favorite pieces include the camel earrings (which aren't yet available) and the skull necklace. Personally I just LOVE these teacup earrings and will definitely be purchasing a pair! At the moment Florence and Pearl Jewellery is available to buy on Gabby's facebook page, with a facebook group as well. She describes herself as a bit of a traveling gypsy, holding jewellery fairs and parties. The Florence and Pearl website is very nearly up and running but is also available to buy at Le Beado in Newcastle!

Thursday, 7 January 2010

'Fucking Hell'

Zygotic acceleration, biogenetic, de-sublimated libidinal model 1995

Jake and Dinos Chapman, both graduates of the Royal College of Art, have been working together since 1990. The pair have produced some of the most controversial and thought-provoking works that have taken the art world by storm. Known for their non-conformist and somewhat rebellious approach to art, Jake and Dinos Chapman never fail to strike a nerve. Their body of work mainly consists of sculpture and installation that examines issues of contemporary politics, religion and morality head on. To give you a taste of the sort of thing one should expect from the gruesome twosome, 'Deeds Against the Dead', which was exhibited at the Sensations exhibition in 1997, portrayed a life-size scene made of fiberglass, depicting 3 castrated and mutilated soldiers tied to a tree. I Know. I'm delighted to tell you they haven't lightened up since! The pair have created an ambitious table-top tableau of over 30,000, 2 inch high model figures aiming to represent an apocalyptic view of the 20th century. Entitled 'Fucking Hell', i shall say no more and let you see for yourself! 

Other works by Jake and Dinos Chapman

detail from sex 2003

CFC76311561 2002

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

And speaking of Tim Burton...

His latest film to hit our screens on March 5th 2010, Alice in Wonderland! and it's in 3D...I have a feeling it's going to be oh so goooooooooood! 

Follow the link to view the official trailer you YouTube.

Tim Burton exhibition at Moma!

Somebody get me to New York! Dark, mystical and witty Tim Burton has a new exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art. Opened in November 2009 the exhibition will run through till April 26th 2010. Burton has established himself as the visionary film-maker who's unique style has come to inspire and influence the upcoming generation of artists, animators, designers and film-makers. We all know and love him for his films such as Edward Scissorhands, Corpse Bride, Big Fish, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory just to name a few! However, this exhibition shows the full range of Burton's creative works including his drawings, paintings, photographs, storyboards,puppets, maquettes, concept art, costumes and more!

Follow the link for the official Tim Burton exhibition website.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

The land of pod?

Design team Chimera have made the impossible seem possible with their incomprehensibly futuristic model skyscrapers for a potential future London! Inspired by the Mangrove tree, the designs intend to reflect the interaction between natural ecosystems. Now, I'm no biology student, but I do love the way design is so often inspired from nature and organic forms and this skyscraper is certainly no exception! I can't wait to have a pod all of my own...

Now that's what I call team work!

Makeup genius Alex Box has collaborated with one of my all time favourite photographers Rankin, with explosive results! In what can only be described as incredibly innovative, Bok has created exotic, fantasy-like 'creatures' whose energy radiates from the images captured by Rankin. As if they have just stepped out from the latest Sci-fi movie, I can't seem to take my eyes off these beautiful 'creatures'!

One man's trash, another man's treasure!

When Henrique Oliveira from Sao Paulo, Brazil noticed the plywood fence outside his window peeling, he probably didn't realise that he was about to embark (sorry couldn't help myself)upon such a greatly ambitious project. Oliveira found himself intrigued by the peeled wood which had faded, producing an array of colours and layers. When the fence was taken down he collected the remains and launched himself into his current work, producing huge, voluminous sculptures that swirl and bulge out from walls and through corridors. The artist admits to sourcing his materials from the dumpsters of Sao Paulo and seeks to address the issues of perception and decay in his work. I think the colours that Oliveira brings together are stunning and find the unbelievably dynamic forms of his sculptures baffling! And at the same time incredibly beautiful no?

Waste not want not!

Raising the Bar 2005
Bonsai 2006
I was recently introduced to Cuban born duo, Guerra De La Paz after viewing their vibrant installation, 'Nine' at the 'Abstract America: New Painting and Sculpture' exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery. The Miami-based pair find inspiration in the discarded objects of daily life and use recycled objects, predominantly clothes found in the waste bins of second-hand goods shipping companies, as their chosen medium. The duo create in order to speak out of the environmental issues that are affecting our society daily such as consumerism, mass production and most importantly mass-produced waste on our society. Here are some examples of their beautiful and thought provoking installations, enjoy! 

spring sprang sprung 2009

Oh Saatchi Saatchi Saatchi...

I recently visited the Saatchi Gallery in Sloan Square, located in Chelsea, Central London. The exhibition is called 'Abstract America: New Painting and Sculpture' and promises an inspiring, controversial, beautiful, grotesque, political and humorous experience. I left in awe after two hours of jaw to floor sauntering. This picture taken by my good friend Charlie shows me stood in front of Sterling Ruby's sculpture 'Kiss Trap' which we love love loooved!
Who Stood Out: 
Sterling Ruby
Mark Bradford
Kristin Baker
Guerra De La Paz
Sun Yuan and Peng Yu  
Abstract America: New Painting and Sculpture 29th May 2009 - 17th January 2010