Monday, 11 January 2010

Florence and Pearl Jewellery

I got them, thank you Gabs!

Lovingly named after her grandmother and great aunt, designer and student Gabby Edlin began creating her own line of jewellery through her desire for cool accessories without having to resort to Urban Outfitters or Topshop! As a creative individual, Gabby began by making pieces just for herself, but very quickly friends started asking if they could buy her designs. Described as kitsch, pretty, eclectic and often rather tongue in cheek, Florence and Pearl is the latest jewellery range that every girl should have a piece of. Gabby's favorite pieces include the camel earrings (which aren't yet available) and the skull necklace. Personally I just LOVE these teacup earrings and will definitely be purchasing a pair! At the moment Florence and Pearl Jewellery is available to buy on Gabby's facebook page, with a facebook group as well. She describes herself as a bit of a traveling gypsy, holding jewellery fairs and parties. The Florence and Pearl website is very nearly up and running but is also available to buy at Le Beado in Newcastle!

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  1. Finding the perfect accessories for your bridesmaids can be harder than you imagine. I know this from first hand experience, having spent many weekends trawling round Designer Pearl Jewelry to find something that was the right style, colour and size.