Monday, 1 November 2010

Hackney S'crap' Project

For one of my current uni projects I visited an amazing warehouse in Hackney, which I can only describe as cave full of treasure… but instead of precious jewels, gold and diamonds it’s full of old, random crap and materials that we were allowed to take home for free!

The aim of the project- to gather as much of the random crap as possible, take it home and experiment by testing the properties and possibilities in order to create interesting forms and structures.

I came across a huge crate of miss-matched belt buckles and rummaged through them carefully selecting anything gold. After playing around with them for a while I decided to make them into something wearable and so turned them into necklaces, the result of which I’m rather happy with!

Stay tuned for more Hackney Scrap...

Fred Butler is AWESOME!

Last Thursday I went to the Barbican to hear Fred Butler talk about her projects, pieces and passions.

Upon arrival, an extremely fresh-faced and brightly dressed Fred Butler was sat with both friend and muse, Rowdy Supers
tar. Wearing block canary yellow with her signature geometric pieces delicately placed in her impeccably styled hair, Fred Butler looked every inch the part of the innovative accessories designer behind creations such as Lady Gaga’s famously known ‘Telephone’ hat. It was Fred’s softly spoken nature and demure manner that took me by pleasant surprise, as it was such a contrast to her bold appearance and artistic creations.

Her playful and colourful sense of style is unquestionably reflected through her work. Fred spoke of how she prefers to experiment with new materials to see what they are capable of, often not knowing what she will end up with. She has such a creative design ethic which I found really inspiring. She plays around with her materials to create original, fun and dynamic shapes that translate into fashion, accessories, props and even set design.

Fred’s playful creativity has made her become one of today’s most sought after designers.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Alex Monroe for Red Button Design

Red Button Design are an internationally award winning design company who’s products are aimed exclusively for the Aid and Humanitarian Industry.

I had the privilege of being invited to the launch event of Red Button Design’s collaboration with top UK jewellery designer Alex Monroe. The event was held at the elegant Euphorium Bakery in Islington, where guests were able to tuck into the yummiest cakes and pastries whilst sipping on a glass of champagne! Alex Monroe has designed the beautiful ‘Midomo Charm Bracelet’ in aid of the Global Water Crisis that so many countries are facing today.

Access to clean and safe drinking water is something I would say the majority of us take for granted but did you know there are almost 1 billion people who aren’t fortunate enough to access this privilege? Contaminated drinking water claims the lives of 42,000 people every week, which makes it the top killer ahead of aids, malaria and measles combined. The very challenge of collecting water in these countries and caring for the sick means that children aren’t able to attend school and adults don’t have the time to be able to earn money to support their families.

A new product called the Midomo has been designed to tackle these issues. An owner of a Midomo can roll it to the nearest source of water and fill the 60-litre tank before rolling it home. The act of rolling the Midomo home filters the water thoroughly, making it clean and safe to drink. It’s such simple technology but with an extraordinary outcome that can improve the quality of life for millions of people.

At £265 the Midomo Charm Bracelet makes the perfect Christmas present which is priced in the same bracket as the rest of Alex Monroe’s stunning jewellery collection. However this bracelet comes with a significant difference: by choosing the Midomo Bracelet, Red Button Design will donate a Midomo to an African community in much need of clean and safe drinking water. A unique serial number engraved on each bracelet means that all owners can track exactly where the Midomo they helped to donate has gone to and see the changed lives that follow.

The Midomo Charm Bracelet goes on sale on the November 1st and will be available to purchase at

Feel free to check out Red Button Design’s website to find out about their latest projects at

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Photoshoot 'The Unspoken Word'

So I've been getting on with my project nicely. Researching, sketching, throwing ideas around here and there. It wasn't until my best bud and photography student Sofi Adams called me up and suggested we collaborate for our projects. We threw our ideas about and came up with a camouflage concept using only monochrome. We spent two full days working on the project together, from creating the backgrounds and setting up lights, to painting, re-painting and re-painting our model who deserves a MASSIVE THANK YOU Talia Balkin, you are a star. Here are some of the photographs that we took during both the preparation and the shoot. The final images are currently in the editing process so will follow in due course...

Friday, 19 March 2010

Final Major Project Time!

I can't believe it but it has come to the last term of my foundation year. It has gone so quickly it's frightening. The final major project is going to determine my overall grade for the year so it's time to get my head down!

We were given complete freedom for what we could choose to do for the final major project. We think of the subject, we create the brief and then get stuck in! My idea came to me in the middle of the night a few months ago. Immediately I got out my laptop at about five in the morning to write all of this down like a crazy lady! I started to think of all the things I wish I had said to people but never did for whatever reason and began to wonder what it would be like if people saw these things written down. How would they react? This lead me to the idea of an anonymous post-it ballot.

I spent this week in uni handing out envelopes containing instructions and post-it notes for people to write down their 'unspoken words'. Things they have been desperate to get off their chest but never did. A ballot box has been positioned outside the library all week, where people could drop off their anonymous envelopes. The response has been amazing and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank those who took part, and so I've decided to share just a few of the post-its that I received. The project is ongoing and I'm looking forward to really getting my teeth into it! Stay tuned for what I come up with!

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Shhh! Babies sleeping!

It all began with Canadian sisters Tracy Raver and Kelley Ryden, who began taking photographs of newborns when they were fewer than just 10 days old. These beautiful photographs are aided by the help of a third Canadian photographer, Stephanie Robin, who helps the babies into the gently 'curled' poses. As a physiotherapist, Stephanie understands the joints and flexes of the babies, who are at their most malleable between 5 and 10 days old. Most of the babies are fast asleep throughout the entire process! The scrumptious newborns are often swaddled in knitted scarves, snug in hammocks and fluffy rugs or even bundled up in wicker baskets. It seems the photographs have caused a bit of controversy with many holding mixed opinions about whether or not this 'baby-molding' technique is cruel or not (what rubbish!). Personally I think they are ADORABLE! Apparently the process takes two full weeks for the photographs to get back into the hands of the new parents and the common reaction seems to be floods of tears! N'awwwwwwww!

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Dreaming of Miu Miu

Miu Miu S/S '10

I'd been meaning to write about this collection for a good few weeks but didn't get round to doing it until now! Miu Miu's spring/summer collection is printabulous! The conversational prints are adorable, slightly kitsch yet oh so chic. I love the combination of cutesy illustration with some serious embellishment. Daises, soaring sparrows, puppies, kittens and a print illustrating a reclining woman, reminiscent of the outlined figures of Matisse, adorn the silk garments. I think the last time we saw something so tooth-achingly sweet walk down the runway was in Giles Deacon's 2008 S/S collection which boasted an array of sugary pinks and Bambi prints!

Giles S/S '08

Miu Miu S/S '10


This collection is both youthful and playful, yet maintains a sophistication that can make any fashionista swoon. If I could own any piece from the collection it would have to be a pair of the silk printed platforms! Swoooooooooon!

Miu Miu S/S '10