Monday, 1 February 2010

What I'm up to...

So at the moment we've been given a brief to produce a range of wallpaper designs. It really is as open as it sounds. The objectives are to show evidence of drawing, research, idea and design development and we have been told that the designs should repeat but don't necessarily have to. I've gone down a very organic route and focused on plants and flowers so far. I found so much inspiration after visiting the beautiful Kew Gardens last Sunday in West London.
Here are some photographs that I took on my visit to Kew and also some pages out of my sketchbook that I'm currently working on! 
What I love about these two flowers (including image below) is that they look like ready made prints that are about to saunter down the catwalk on an exquisite garment! (I'm going to make that happen- watch this space)

I came across this by absolute chance. I was on my way to the exit of Kew Gardens walking past the lake when I spotted a load of rotting leaves right near the water's edge. Like a mad woman I grabbed my camera from my bag and braved the squelching mud! Look at those beautiful tones and textures! - totally worth it. 

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