Thursday, 11 March 2010

Shhh! Babies sleeping!

It all began with Canadian sisters Tracy Raver and Kelley Ryden, who began taking photographs of newborns when they were fewer than just 10 days old. These beautiful photographs are aided by the help of a third Canadian photographer, Stephanie Robin, who helps the babies into the gently 'curled' poses. As a physiotherapist, Stephanie understands the joints and flexes of the babies, who are at their most malleable between 5 and 10 days old. Most of the babies are fast asleep throughout the entire process! The scrumptious newborns are often swaddled in knitted scarves, snug in hammocks and fluffy rugs or even bundled up in wicker baskets. It seems the photographs have caused a bit of controversy with many holding mixed opinions about whether or not this 'baby-molding' technique is cruel or not (what rubbish!). Personally I think they are ADORABLE! Apparently the process takes two full weeks for the photographs to get back into the hands of the new parents and the common reaction seems to be floods of tears! N'awwwwwwww!


  1. number 7 is amazing!!! so relaxed!

  2. strange pictures..
    but I like your blog
    sinner diamond