Thursday, 23 September 2010

Alex Monroe for Red Button Design

Red Button Design are an internationally award winning design company who’s products are aimed exclusively for the Aid and Humanitarian Industry.

I had the privilege of being invited to the launch event of Red Button Design’s collaboration with top UK jewellery designer Alex Monroe. The event was held at the elegant Euphorium Bakery in Islington, where guests were able to tuck into the yummiest cakes and pastries whilst sipping on a glass of champagne! Alex Monroe has designed the beautiful ‘Midomo Charm Bracelet’ in aid of the Global Water Crisis that so many countries are facing today.

Access to clean and safe drinking water is something I would say the majority of us take for granted but did you know there are almost 1 billion people who aren’t fortunate enough to access this privilege? Contaminated drinking water claims the lives of 42,000 people every week, which makes it the top killer ahead of aids, malaria and measles combined. The very challenge of collecting water in these countries and caring for the sick means that children aren’t able to attend school and adults don’t have the time to be able to earn money to support their families.

A new product called the Midomo has been designed to tackle these issues. An owner of a Midomo can roll it to the nearest source of water and fill the 60-litre tank before rolling it home. The act of rolling the Midomo home filters the water thoroughly, making it clean and safe to drink. It’s such simple technology but with an extraordinary outcome that can improve the quality of life for millions of people.

At £265 the Midomo Charm Bracelet makes the perfect Christmas present which is priced in the same bracket as the rest of Alex Monroe’s stunning jewellery collection. However this bracelet comes with a significant difference: by choosing the Midomo Bracelet, Red Button Design will donate a Midomo to an African community in much need of clean and safe drinking water. A unique serial number engraved on each bracelet means that all owners can track exactly where the Midomo they helped to donate has gone to and see the changed lives that follow.

The Midomo Charm Bracelet goes on sale on the November 1st and will be available to purchase at

Feel free to check out Red Button Design’s website to find out about their latest projects at

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