Monday, 1 November 2010

Fred Butler is AWESOME!

Last Thursday I went to the Barbican to hear Fred Butler talk about her projects, pieces and passions.

Upon arrival, an extremely fresh-faced and brightly dressed Fred Butler was sat with both friend and muse, Rowdy Supers
tar. Wearing block canary yellow with her signature geometric pieces delicately placed in her impeccably styled hair, Fred Butler looked every inch the part of the innovative accessories designer behind creations such as Lady Gaga’s famously known ‘Telephone’ hat. It was Fred’s softly spoken nature and demure manner that took me by pleasant surprise, as it was such a contrast to her bold appearance and artistic creations.

Her playful and colourful sense of style is unquestionably reflected through her work. Fred spoke of how she prefers to experiment with new materials to see what they are capable of, often not knowing what she will end up with. She has such a creative design ethic which I found really inspiring. She plays around with her materials to create original, fun and dynamic shapes that translate into fashion, accessories, props and even set design.

Fred’s playful creativity has made her become one of today’s most sought after designers.

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